Error Codes

If the Batch Appliance is unable to process a request, then it will typically return one of the error codes listed below. We suggest that your API integration be created to robustly handle these errors.

4XX Errors

The 4xx class of status codes is intended for situations in which the request seems is in error.

All 4xx HTTP errors return in JSON format. Users of curl will see this displayed in their terminal, other interfaces may need a JSON parser. The JSON object contains two components: a return code and an error message. More details on these common errors for each endpoint are below. An example error object (from curl) would look like this:

curl "http://${APPLIANCE_HOST}:8082/v1.0/user/1/jobs/4087/transcript/"
  "detail": "The requested URL was not found on the server.  If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.",
  "status": 404,
  "title": "Not Found",
  "type": "about:blank"

In this example, the URL was malformed (inclusion of trailing '/' character where none is required), giving a 404 status code.

Status CodeStatus MessageDetailed Notes
400Malformed requestYour request contained something unexpected - perhaps a string as a parameter where an integer was expected.
400Missing data_fileYour request did not contain a data file in the data_file field.
400No language selectedYou did not supply a language code value in the model field.
400Requested product not availableYou requested an unsupported language.
403Job rejected due to invalid audioThe audio file you submitted was in a format we do not support.
404Job not foundWe could not find a job with the specified id associated.
404Job was rejected on submissionThe job with this id was rejected on submission, probably due to an unsupported file format.
404Job In ProgressThe requested job is still being processed - please wait.
404Output format Not Supported (V1 API only)You have requested the transcription output in an unsupported format in the V1 API
422Unprocessable Entity (V2 API only)The transcription format should be one of [json-v2 txt srt]. You have requested the transcription output in an unsupported format in the V2 API
429Too Many requestsYou are trying to make too many POST requests in too short a period of time. Reduce your POST send rate.

5XX Errors

The 5xx class of status codes is intended for situations in which your request appears valid but nonetheless the server failed to fulfil an apparently valid request.

All 5xx HTTP errors return a HTML snippet.

Status CodeStatus MessageDetailed Notes
500Internal Server ErrorOur service suffered an internal error. Please please contact us with as much information as possible for us to debug the problem.
502Bad GatewayThe service is not active at present.
503Service Temporarily UnavailableOur service is temporarily overloaded and unable to process your request.