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SRT formatting


SubRip (SRT) is a subtitling format that can be used in to generate subtitles for video content or other workflows. Our SRT output will generate a transcript together with corresponding alignment timestamps. We follow best practice as recommended by major broadcasters in our default line length and number of lines output.

To retrieve a transcript in SRT format, you should use the format query string parameter. For example:

curl -L -X GET "${JOB_ID}/transcript?format=srt" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_KEY}"

Speechmatics provides a default configuration output for SRT files for both number of lines and line length in characters. You can change these parameters by passing the configuration options described below:

  "type": "transcription",
  "transcription_config": {
  "output_config": {
    "srt_overrides": {
      "max_line_length": 37,
      "max_lines": 2
  • max_line_length: sets maximum count of characters per subtitle line including white space (default: 37).
  • max_lines: sets maximum count of lines in a subtitle section (default: 2).