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Verify and Go

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This section explains how to verify the correct operation of the Batch Virtual Appliance using the REST Speech API.

To run a simple transcription job to test that everything is working use the Batch Virtual Appliance Speech API

  • Method: POST
  • URL:

For example, you can use the following Speech API request using the curl command line tool to transcribe an audio file 'sample.wav' and return the Job ID:

curl -s -L -X 'POST' \
   "http://${APPLIANCE_HOST}/v2/jobs/" \
   -F data_file=@sample.wav \
   -F 'config={ "type": "transcription",
         "transcription_config": { "language": "en" }
      }' \
   | jq

Where ${APPLIANCE_HOST} is the hostname or IP address of your Virtual Appliance. The above assumes that sample.wav contains English speech; modify the language identifier in the job config to match the language you want to transcribe.

You can use the Job ID to get the status of the job:

curl -s -L -X 'GET' "http://${APPLIANCE_HOST}/v2/jobs/${JOB_ID}/" \
   | jq

Where ${JOB_ID} is the Job ID (ID field) that was returned when you submitted the job. Once the job is done, you use the Job ID to return the transcription:

curl -s -L -X 'GET' "http://${APPLIANCE_HOST}/v2/jobs/${JOB_ID}/transcript" \
   | jq

Under normal conditions, the job should take less than half the duration of the media file to process. So for example if you submit a MP3 file that is 60 minutes long, its transcription should be processed in less than 30 minutes. See the REST Speech API Guide for the list of language codes, how to use features of the API, the output formats that are supported, as well as more usage examples.

You can also validate the Appliance is working using the jobs web UI. Go to https://${APPLIANCE_HOST}/v2/ui

Jobs web UI

and you can recreate the POST requests documented above in the browser.

The Speechmatics Batch Virtual Appliance is now ready to use.